Second floor greenhouse.

Four side windows and doors.

Solar panel electric, heat, hot water, water collection.

MAKERhomes are self contained, self sufficient and sustainable.

LAYOUT: One simple rule behind this design is the observation of “load is borne at forty-fives”. Walls themselves become structural elements; locking them together creates two forty five degree angle planes, connected at ninety degrees to each other; essentially forming a tetrahedron structure at each of four corners of the home. Joining those tetrahedrons structurally at top and bottom, links the four separate stuctures together; forming one extremely solid, structural base.

SPACES: Inherent to the plan is creation of five connected spaces as a plus sign, between four quadrant layout spaces. essentially; a MAKERhome is four quadrant spaces creating five free-joined spaces; for nine spaces in total. Simple. Strong. Elegant simplicity.


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