Introducing… COCOware..)

Made from harvested coconut shells, we use EVERY part of coco trees. Our products are made to last- we use food-safe epoxy to turn a natural element into a versatile, usable, drinkable, washable, reusable household tool.

MAKERhome COCOware is made by our family on a Philippine Island COCOcups are made carefully, aesthetically and durable . We climb the tree, harvest the nuts; the white meat is removed, cooked down and turned into coconut oil.

Coconut oil is so goof for you, it’s used for “pulling”; holding a mouthful in for as long as you can , like twenty minutes…removing toxins it’s so good. Do a search online, you’ll find it.

Our COCOwine glass is made with a stem of bamboo, cut from our same farm.


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