After a special antibacterial solution, these blocks of very wet wood are dried for months. Kiln drying doesn’t work with thick wood the same as boards. We use the sun to cook them, just as Filipinos dry their coco branches for firewood to cook in the kitchen.


Sometimes spalting looks cool; sometimes not. Some people like it; others don’t. I personally like the look of natural coco wood; but there are times a stained piece is even cooler. So, here they are. I use a dark stain to cover spalted wood marks, in different levels of application.; so lighter sometimes and darker in others. Have a look at what’s available in stock…

Natural, just urethane topcoat.

Natural, no topcoat.

Dark stain with topcoat.


We use a two part urethane that isn’t available in the US. It’s SUPER hard and thick, at least three coats, sometimes as many as seven, depending on the wood. We leave chainsaw cuts, remember; so surface isn’t smooth and slick like you get in Walmart. These are all hand made.



Here’s a closeup look at metalflake sparkles in some. Sparkles go into wet urethane and are topped by the next coat.


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