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MAKER toys and MAKER tools are inventions of Bill Maecker. Now, a MAKER home is the natural extension from having fun and working smarter with better ergonomics.

Improving how we live and what we do to support our everyday lives makes sense. Our home products are all natural and earthy. That’s always the best way to make things.

What you’ll see here are solutions to issues that have gone unanswered in even the NEWEST modern-built homes. Issues of heating, cooling, insulation all depend on OUTSIDE, purchased and SUPPLIED energy.

Burning coal to run your christmas lights?? Come on. Running air conditioner because the heat’s transferred from the roof down into the house? Duh. Burning natural gas to warm up water for a shower? WHAT?

You’ll hear: “There are companies already taking care of these things. We’re a MODERN SOCIETY!”

Ok; then why are you working all day to pay a heat bill; electric bill and fighting fracking for natural gas, while your home wastes every day of the year? It’s time for change; Change is now.

MAKER homes are homes YOU make; all parts will be manufactured in a controlled environment factory and shipped to you on a truck. You put them together in an easy, straightforward way unlike any home you’ve ever seen.

With some easy guidance, homeowners can build their new home themselves if they want. Easy, fast and fun. And, they’re homes you can really ‘live’ in.

MAKER homes are the future of Contemporary building and living. I think you’ll agree.

Bill, Mr. Maker


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