This pair of elegant chandeliers is from my home 133 Central, in New York. They were made in 1869 of solid cast zinc and solid cast brass. Originally  they burned natural gas, piped through ceiling and walls of my brick home.

They were converted to electric in 1899, thirty years later. I restored them fully a few months ago; restoring the “new” brass and copper light fixtures, which now are 117 years old. Today the entire fixture shines like new, as it did when new. It is NOT” patina-ed”, as many restorers today attempt to recreate a look of about fifty years of age on a one hundred year old fixture.

We used latest high-technology paints and processes to bring them back as new as new can be, 100% restored as new- with paints that continue to shine far into the future.

We applied three coats of acid-etch primer; three coats of epoxy primer and epoxy topcoat; these elegant chandeliers will last far into the future, as shiny as the day they were made…the first time.

That’s what being a MAKER is; doing your best; and then standing behind your work.

Another video where I show the process of restoring these amazing chandeliers.

They have been appraised at fifteen thousand dollars, by the leading restorer of gas chandeliers on the west coast of USA. That would be with eight original glass globes, which are worth two thousand alone. We are asking $15,000. for these amazing conversation pieces. Believe me, they will NOT go unnoticed in your home.

Can you envision these in your home or office? If so, contact me here: 

Here are two new videos showing details of our chandeliers and marble mantel. both are available for your home, office or client’s project. I don’t have to tell you what they will do for the room.